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ICBC Tops Top 500 Banking Brands for Five Consecutive Years

ICBC tops the 2021 list of Top 500 Banking Brands for the fifth year running with a brand value of USD72.8 billion, as recently released by the UK magazine The Banker.

As noted by The Banker, ICBC enriched its brand connotation and consolidated its brand value through a series of effective measures in 2020. First, ICBC facilitated the strategy of the “No.1 Personal Bank” through brand communication. By holding the press conference themed at “Intelligence and Integrity for a Shared Better Life”, ICBC became the first Chinese commercial bank to launch a brand system of personal finance based on strategic brand building. On this regard, ICBC received widespread attention and praise from the society as a whole. Second, ICBC intensified communication to express the connotations of “service +, smart +, scenario +, security +” from multiple dimensions, thus greatly raising the popularity and influence of the brand of personal finance. Third, since the outbreak of COVID-19, ICBC, through prompt, powerful and warm news releases, brought positive energy to the society and demonstrated the value of the brand and the era.

In 2020, ICBC carried out epidemic prevention and control, financial services, risk management and control, reform and transformation, and other missions in a coordinated way. In the unprecedented tests, ICBC maintained overall steadiness with stable operating efficiency, asset quality and risk levels, and constantly improved its comprehensive strength. In the meantime, under the people-centered approach, ICBC continuously improved the adaptability, competitiveness, and inclusiveness of its financial services. During this process, ICBC actively fulfilled its responsibility as a large bank.

Co-launched by the UK magazine The Banker and the brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance, the Top 500 Banking Brands has been released annually for 15 years.