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ICBC Provides All-round Services for the First China International Consumer Products Expo


From May 7 to 10, 2021, the First China International Consumer Products Expo (the “Expo”) will be held in Haikou, Hainan Province. ICBC, as a global strategic partner of the Expo, will embed financial services into the transaction scenarios of exhibitors, as well as personal financial consumption scenarios, to help build an “everlasting expo” with professional, quality and considerate financial products and services.

Establishing a thought and trade communication platform for the Expo

During the Expo, ICBC will co-host “Hainan Free Trade Port Trade & Investment Negotiation Fair”, a business matchmaking event of the First China International Consumer Products Expo (Onsite), in conjunction with the government of Hainan Province. The event will invite exhibitors, buyers and market entities who are interested in the trade and investment in Hainan Free Trade Port, to participate in discussion and negotiation on three sessions, namely, “A Better Life” “Open Trade” and “A Vast World”. On the occasion, ICBC will build online and offline cross-border matchmaking platforms, and employ a professional, efficient, flexible and convenient precision matching model to offer quality services, and facilitate bilateral trade cooperation.

In the meantime, ICBC will also hold the “Mega Finance, Mega Consumption, and Better Life” Summit Forum, where three indexes, namely “100-City Resident Consumption Health Index” “1,000 Chinese Streets Activity Index” and “10,000 Startups Popularity Index”, will be released to reflect the economic development status from the macro, middle and micro perspectives. In addition, ICBC will launch “Beautiful China” series “Sunny Hainan” credit card, to provide cardholders with preferential tourist services including airlines, tourist attractions, hotels, duty-free store shopping and car rental, continuously injecting new vitality into Hainan’s building of an international tourist consumer center.

Providing one-stop financial services for exhibitors

Centering on enterprises’ diversified financial needs during the Expo, ICBC will provide one-stop financial services including cross-border investment and financing, convenient account opening and DCEP services.

In terms of cross-border investment and financing, ICBC will focus on the production and operation characteristics and actual financing needs of exhibitors and buyers. With the local and foreign currency integrated account and the free trade (FT) account as carriers, ICBC will comprehensively use products such as supply chain financing, working capital loan, cross-border direct loan, cross-border consortium and finance lease to provide exhibitors with quality financial services including “onshore + cross-border + offshore” services, thus helping enterprises increase capital turnover efficiency and cut turnover cost.

In terms of convenient account opening service, ICBC will provide online account opening reservation service for domestic buyers, and account opening witness service for overseas exhibitors. After preparing all required materials, enterprises can get accounts opened by visiting an ICBC outlet for just one time. Moreover, ICBC will offer five free settlement products to buyers and exhibitors who already have an ICBC account, as well as one-stop account services through electronic and remote service facilities, covering account management, collection/payment management, liquidity management, short-term financing, investment & wealth management, and risk management.

With regard to DCEP service, ICBC will provide online self-service on opening DCEP Corporate Wallet via mobile phone for domestic and overseas buyers and exhibitors, as well as convenient and fast ticket selling, procurement and sales settlement services for the Expo.

Offering special discounts to visitors

ICBC will upgrade the “I GO” credit card brand and distribute “I GO” coupons across the country. Cardholders can obtain “I GO” coupons by entering the “e-Life” applet and use them in relevant oil stations, restaurants, supermarkets and CBDs. ICBC will also partner up with merchants of the Expo and China Duty Free Group’s duty-free stores to offer special discounts specially for the Expo, to truly benefit cardholders.

In Haikou, ICBC has established 54 core outlets to serve the Expo, each of which set up an exclusive Expo service counter to provide efficient and convenient financial services for exhibitors, buyers and consumers. In the meantime, the “ICBC Station” in the outlets, equipped with rest facility, drinking water facility and mobile phone charging facility, offers convenience services for the people.

At the Expo, ICBC will offer online financial service experiences to corporate and personal customers. Personal consumers can experience the latest version of ICBC’s personal mobile banking. For example, the one-stop wealth consulting service offers considerate wealth management service including Wealth View, Wealth Theme, Wealth Classroom, Wealth Account and Wealth Kit. The wholly new asset detection service can detect health conditions of customers’ asset allocation by one click, and provide personalized investment advice.

Taking strong measures to ensure volunteer service and pandemic prevention and control

The successful holding of the Expo cannot be achieved without volunteers’ active support. To ensure the professional and effective volunteer services, ICBC recruited more than 150 volunteers within the Bank, 30% of whom have excellent foreign language abilities. All volunteers have received unified training on meeting etiquette, featured products, business negotiation skills etc., to ensure the smooth holding of the Expo.

During the Expo, ICBC will assign special personnel responsible for pandemic prevention and control on the spot. In the meantime, ICBC will strengthen organizational guidance, materials coordination, monitoring, emergency command, business connection, etc., to ensure effective pandemic prevent and control at outlets during the Expo.