ICBC(Asia) Launches New Customer Information Amendment Services in Mobile banking and Internet Banking

Local and Cross-border Customers can now login to ICBC (Asia) Mobile banking/ Internet banking with their tokens to modify their contact information such as mobile phone number, email address and mailing address. The new services are subject to the applicable Terms & Conditions of Internet Banking and the application of the corresponding services. For details, please refer to the relevant Terms & Conditions, or contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 253 38881 for enquiry.


  • More Convenient: Customers can login to ICBC (Asia) Mobile banking/ Internet banking to modify their contact information with using tokens.
  • More Flexible:Local and Cross-border Customers can enjoy the round-the-clock 7x24 self-services at anywhere without visiting branches in person to change the contact information.
  • Greener:Reduce paper usage, protect the environment and natural resources.

How to change:
Function introduction (E.g. Modify mailing address via Mobile banking)

Step 1: Login to Mobile Banking and select【Services and Settings】→ 【Change Contact Information】 →【Update address】

Step 1: Logon to Moblie Banking and Select [Services and Settings]→[Change Contact Information] →[Update address]

Step 2: Input a new address, click 【Modify】
Step 2: After updated a new address, press [Modify]

Step 3: Reconfirm the new address, click 【Confirm】
Step 3: After double confirm the new address, press [Confirm]

Step 4: Generate the password from token as instruction, enter and click【Confirm】
Step 4: Enter the token code and press [Confirm]

Step 5: Complete
Step 5: Complete