Mobile Banking Launches Integrated Account and Flexi Plus Account Opening Service

In order to allow our customers to manage the wealth at ease, ICBC (Asia) launched Integrated Account and Flexi Plus Account opening service in 7 November 2018, which allows you to have faster and simpler account opening service.

Customers only need to log in to the Bank's mobile banking and click on the "Application Center" in the main menu to directly open the account online. Customers who meet the account opening requirements can immediately choose to open Integrated Account and / or Flexi Plus Account. The account opening process via mobile banking is simple and convenient. Customers only need to fill-up your personal information and self-certification form of tax residency status, and read and agree the terms and conditions for account opening . The accounts will be effective once after they are successfully opened. The Bank will also issue the notification letter for the customers immediately.

For enquiries, please contact our 24-hour customer service hotline at (852) 218 95588.