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ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card

ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card has prepared an array of benefits for you; whether it is family vacation, shopping or business travel you are considering, you will enjoy thorough and heartfelt services those give you not only the convenience of a well-managed account but also a brand new experience in comfortable and easy living.

Online Application Gift

Extra 2 MCL Movie Tickets are eligible to new customers who successfully apply for below 2 designated ICBC (Asia) credit cards concurrently via online application.

  • ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card + ICBC Visa Signature Card 【Apply Now
  • ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card + ICBC Global Travel Platinum Mastercard 【Apply Now

For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions of the Online Application Gift.

Welcome Offer

New customers who successfully apply for ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card can enjoy HK$100 Free Credit Card Spending Limit*.

*To be entitled to the relevant welcome offer, new customers are required to accumulate retail spending or cash advance for HK$1,000 or above within the first 2 months of new cards issuance.

For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions of the Welcome Offer.

Concurrently apply for 2 designated ICBC credit cards, new customers can enjoy double welcome offers and privileges 【Apply Now

Two Currencies in One Card

ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card has both HKD and RMB accounts in one card, you can spend with the local currency across Mainland China and Hong Kong, and enjoy a waiver of foreign exchange fee on spending in CNY and foreign currencies.

Contactless payment without signature required


To experience a more convenient and trendy payment option, ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card allows you to enjoy hassle free spending with UnionPay QuickPass function, It’s fast, convenient and no need for signature.

The function is applicable to those UnionPay QuickPass-enabled merchants in Hong Kong, China & Macau. Also, this function covers the public transportation for Macau Pass.

Contactless Payment across China & Hong Kong

To allow you to travel across Mainland China easily, ICBC Unionpay Dual Currency Credit Card provides a variety of services and offers, which allows your journeys to be peace of mind.


This Card equipped with the contactless payment function of the Shenzhentong1 allows you to ride ShenZhen Metro and designated public vehicles with a simple tag. You can also travel through lines of Shenzhen Metro directly after adding value to the Shenzhentong RMB purse at Shenzhen Metro or Shenzhentong authorized add value service providers. No more queuing for tickets and exchange.

1.Tips on usage of the Shenzhentong:

  • The purse of Shenzhentong and the credit card account are two separate independent accounts, those transaction information of Shenzhentong will not be shown on the credit card statement.
  • The Shenzhentong RMB purse has no deposit and is an anonymous sold card, in relation to which loss reporting services are not applicable. Customer should take care of the card. In the event of any loss, theft or card damage induced failure of card reading, the cardholder shall remain fully liable for the balance.
  • The card has no initial stored value. Please add value before use.
  • If the remaining value of your card is zero or negative balance, cardholders have to add value to the card or pay for charges. Cardholders may add value at Shenzhen Metro and Shenzhentong authorized add value service providers with cash up to a maximum stored value of RMB1,000.
  • Do not hold more than one card or another contactless smartcard over a reader at one time.
  • The Shenzhentong RMB purse is issued subject to Conditions and Laws of Shenzhentong, any use of Shenzhentong shall comply with the Conditions of Issue of Shenzhentong and relevant laws. Please read and understand thoroughly the terms and conditions bylaws of Shenzhentong before activate and use of Shenzhentong. For the use and the latest terms and conditions and bylaws of Shenzhentong, please visit www.shenzhentong.com, or access such information at the branch of Shenzhentong or by calling our Customer Service Hotline.

With a unique function embedded on this Card, customers have rapid access for GSRC Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, so customers can take the train without queuing up for tickets and reduce the unnecessary waiting time.

Rewards Program

Bonus Point / Mileage

For every HKD/ RMB spent with your ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card, you will receive 1 point2. Accumulated bonus points can be redeemed for cash coupon or mileage.

You can also choose PhoenixMiles Mileage Rewards, for every HK$8 will be converted to 1 mileage.

Airlines cover the whole world: 21 countries and 100 cities.You only need 8,000km PhoenixMiles Mileage Rewards to get a one-way short-haul flight ticket3.

Cash Rebate

Moreover, you can either choose cash rebate as spending rewards. Rebate amount will be calculated on monthly basis and shown on the monthly statement.

  • For every HKD / RMB $1 spending = 0.5% cash rebate2

2. Bonus Point and Cash Rebate are not applicable to those transactions of cash advances, balance transfer, cash installment loan amount/ tax loan and personal loan amount/ merchant installment loan amount and the repayment amount, donations, tax payments, purchase of casino chips, gambling transactions, card account's fees and any financial charges. Nor is the Rewards Program applicable to the transactions of supermarket, fuel, transportation fee, property, motor vehicle, wholesale, hospital and school fees. Transactions which have not been posted, cancelled, refunded or not authorized are not eligible to the rewards.

3. PhoenixMiles Mileage Rewards are bound by the relevant terms and conditions set by ICBC (Asia) and PhoenixMiles, Air China.

Octopus Automatic Add-value Service (“AAVS”)

Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service ("AAVS") enables you automatically to add value to any Octopus card / product4 without queuing when insufficient funds occur. Octopus card now can be used in Shenzhen. Octopus card / product with AAVS function can also be top-up at Shenzhen too.

The top-up value is entitled to bonus point rewards as well as an interest-free repayment period. You can also apply AAVS for your beloved ones.

For details, please refer to the terms on the application form and Octopus Automatic Add Value Agreement of this Service.

24-hour Free Phone Banking Roaming Service for Managing Cross-Border accounts

The Phone Banking Roaming Service gives customer 24-hour free access to account management by connecting to Customer Service of ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Centre. This service enables you to manage your accounts in Hong Kong & China flexibly without incurring IDD charges.

  • In China, customer can contact our Customer Service Hotline at 95588 to manage their ICBC (Asia) accounts in Hong Kong.
  • In Hong Kong, customer can contact our Customer Service Hotline at 218 95588 to manage their ICBC accounts in Mainland China.

Year Round Merchant Offers

Cardholder can enjoy exclusive dining, shopping and entertainment privileges5 with ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card.

5. The promotion period is from now till 31 December 2017. Terms and conditions apply, for details please click here.

“Buy 1 Get 1” movie tickets at MCL

For any single retail purchase transaction of HK$800 or above, you can enjoy MCL 2D movie tickets “buy 1 get 1 free” with the sales slip6.

6. The promotion period is from now till 30 April 2018. Cardholder is required to present the original copy of relevant sales slips on or before 30 April 2018 with single retail purchase transaction of HK$800 or above together with the ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card bearing the same card number as the sales slips at MCL box office in person to enjoy the offer. Each valid sales slip can only be used to enjoy the “Buy 1 Get 1” offer for once. The offer is only applicable to the adult regular ticket from Monday to Sunday, but not applicable to films with special arrangement with film distributors or any special featured films, Dolby Atmos version and MX4D version. Cardholder is required to bear the supplementary charges may be levied on both “Buy Ticket” and “ Free Ticket” due to 3D version, longer duration or other reasons of specific films. Eligible transactions include local retail spending transactions with sales slip only, but not include spending transactions of cash advance, autopay, Octopus Automatic Add Value Service, cash installment loan and its repayment, installment payment, tax loan, personal loan and its repayment, all kinds of handling fees and financial charges. Non-posted, cancelled, cheated, returned or other unauthorized transactions will also not be counted as valid transactions. The offer is only applicable at MCL box office. Other terms and conditions apply, please contact MCL for details.

UnionPay International 24 Hours Global Travel Assistance Service

UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card cardholder can enjoy UnionPay International Travel Assistance Service.

  • Lost luggage assistance
  • Lost passport assistance
  • 24 Hours telephone medical advice
  • Emergency travel service assistance
  • Emergency message transmission

7.UnionPay International 24 Hours Global Travel Assistance Service is provided by International SOS Assistance (HK) Limited. The service is purely rendered on referral and arrangement basis only and does not constitute an insurance policy or agreement. Any third party expenses shall be borne by UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card Cardholders. Please call UnionPay International Assistance Service 24-hour hotline: (852) 3122 2333 or visit www.unionpayintl.com/hk/premiumservice for the service details and terms and conditions.

Easy and Flexible Payment Methods

Whether you are, easy and trouble-free settlement of your UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Card balance can be done through the following ways:

Settling Renminbi Card Account

  • PPS
  • Arrange autopay through ICBC (Asia) HKD or RMB personal bank account
  • Direct cash deposit by HKD or RMB at any ICBC (Asia) branches
  • Make a crossed HKD cheque payable to ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Centre8
  • Fund transfer from ICBC (Asia) RMB or HKD personal bank account(s) through ICBC (Asia) Internet Banking Services9

Remarks: If you settle RMB balance with HKD, the Bank will convert HKD to RMB. The exchange rate of the posting date will be applied to all repayments of Renminbi Account by Hong Kong Dollar remit payment in the next working day after the payment date. Handling fee is waived. Owing to the fluctuation of RMB, customer is advised to prepare sufficient fund for payment. This will avoid financial charges, and the surplus (if any) will be posted to your HKD account as account balance.

Settling Hong Kong Dollar Card Account

  • PPS
  • Autopay
  • Make a crossed HKD cheque payable to ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Centre
  • Direct cash deposit at any ICBC (Asia) branches
  • Arrange fund transfer through ATMs which carry the JETCO sign, ICBC (Asia) Internet Banking Services9 or Phone Banking Services10 from your ICBC (Asia) account(s)

8. Please write your Credit Card account number marked with "Renminbi Payment" at the back of your cheque. A separate cheque should be given for the payment of Hong Kong Dollars balance.

9. This service is applicable to Cardholder who has HKD/RMB personal savings account in ICBC (Asia) and successfully applies for Internet Banking Services.

10. This service is applicable to Cardholder who has Hong Kong Dollars savings account in ICBC (Asia) and successfully applies for Phone Banking Service.

Pacific Coffee Buy 1 Get 1 Offer11

You can enjoy Pacific Coffee Buy 1 Get 1 free offer upon purchasing tall-size or above handcrafted beverage.

11. The promotion period is from now 30 April 2018. Receive a complimentary handcrafted beverage of the same or lower value upon purchasing a tall-size or above handcrafted beverage at Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong (except the Hung Hom MTR station store and selected office store). Handcrafted beverages include designated coffee, chocolate, and tea beverages. The offers are not applicable to promotional drinks, bottled drinks, juices, liqueur coffees, specialty coffees, Chillino, in-app purchase or the delivery service. The complimentary drink must be redeemed on the spot with the same transaction.

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