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"Private Bank" Account Opening Reward

Earn up to HK$33,000 Rewards

New ICBC (Asia) Private Bank customer * who opens account from 21st November 2022 to 31st March 2023 (both days inclusive) and fulfills the following requirements can enjoy up to#HK$33,000rewards #!

Requirement A. Maintain average TLA of HK$8,000,000 or above during the designated calculation period and fulfill Requirement 3 and 4 to receive total rewards of HK$22,000 cash value. Maintain average TLA of HK$10,000,000 or above during the designated calculation period and fulfill Requirement 2, 3 and 4 to receive total rewards of HK$33,000 cash value!

Requirement B. Completes any of the following eligible transaction(s) with accumulated amount of HK$5,000,000 or above

(only applicable to the above extra rewards
(1) investment fund subscription,
(2) currency linked contract subscription,
(3) buy/sell stock,
(4) FX trading,

Requirement C. Opens consolidated investment account of ICBC (Asia)

Requirement D. Successfully applies for ICBC ESSENCE Card credit card

Enjoy 2% unlimited cash rebate and many more privileges

Successfully opens new Private Bank
account during the promotion period
^Designated calculation period Redemption period
21-30 November 2022 1 April 2023 -
30 June 2023
July 2023
1-31 December 2022
1-31 January 2023 1 July 2023 -
30 September 2023

October 2023

1-28 February 2023
1-31 March 2023
1-30 April 2023@
1-31 May 2023@

@In the event that the ICBC (Asia) Private Bank new customer fills in and submits the accounts application form for his/her private bank account within the promotion period, yet the account is only opened after the promotion period and on or before 31 May 2023, the Bank will still check for his/her eligibility during the designated calculation period for the rewards awarded to the customer.

*New ICBC (Asia) Private Bank customer: does not hold any sole-named or joint-named account of the Bank (except credit card account) within 12 months preceding the date of the private bank account opening.

#Reward will be offered through free credit card spending limit under the ICBC ESSENCE Card.

The promotion is subject to terms and conditions.

Investment involves risk.
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