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WindowsPhone Banking

I. Introduction
WindowsPhone Banking is a range of mobile banking services for WindowsPhone users. Just logon to enjoy the convenience of access to all the ICBC financial services on your WindowsPhone device. WindowsPhone Banking services are convenient, easy to apply, with rich functions, safe and reliable. Main details are as below:
(I) Manage A/C
You can check account balance and details, A/C opening outlets, salary, housing provident fund, add/delete registration A/C, report lost account, set Mobile Banking's default A/C.
(II) Transfer/Remittance
Make transfer between registration accounts, transfer/remit money to accounts of ICBC or other banks, transfer FX to own account, remit money to overseas VISA card, check transfers/remittances, manage payees, bind e-mail, and use mobile No. to receive money.
Functions for you to pay bills, manage daily payments, set limit for payment without authentication, check bill payments, and sign autopay agreement.
(IV) Fund
Buy fund, purchase fund in fixed amounts at regular intervals, check fund shares held on hand.
(V) Foreign Exchange
Functions for you to check real-time exchange rates and trend charts, buy/sell FX (spot trade or placing orders), manage orders, check transactions.
(VI) Precious Metal
Functions for trading precious metals via accounts, physical precious metals, deferred settlement of physical precious metals, conversion of precious metals via accounts.
(VII) ICBC Wealth Management
ICBC wealth management includes wealth management services and financial products. "Wealth management services" are services for customers to sign, check and manage Super Express Investment wealth management agreement and T+0 wealth management agreement. "Financial products" are functions for customers to buy, redeem, cancel wealth management products, as well as checking the products held on hand and transactions.
(VIII) Schedule Cash Withdrawal
Functions for you to arrange a date for cash withdrawal and check the schedule. At "Schedule cash withdrawal", enter the amount, schedule code, mobile No., and choose an account, use your authentication medium to sign the schedule. Once successfully scheduled, ICBC sends a SMS with the random password to your mobile phone. You can use the details (mobile No., schedule code, random password) to draw cash at ATM without using your bank card.
(IX) ICBC Messager
Subscribe balance change alert for registration accounts, check, update or terminate functions you subscribed.
(X) Credit Card
Functions for credit card holders to check the balance in credit card, bonus points and card transactions, repay RMB or FX overdraft in own ICBC credit card. Also included is the function of making payment to credit card by installment.
(XI) Fixed Deposit
Functions for depositing money as fixed deposit and enquiry, withdrawal and early withdrawal, re-deposit as installment fixed deposit.
(XII) Call Deposit
Functions for transferring the amount of the current savings sub-A/C in ICBC Elite Club Card or Moneylink Card as the call deposit, and checking the related details, also for setting cash withdrawal advice.
(XIII) Service and Setting
This is a group of functions: manage transaction permission, change logon password, change payment password, change payment limit, set reserved verification information, synchronize ICBC e-password device, set limit for payment without authentication, report lost authentication medium, my star rating and recommended products.

II. Target Clients
WindowsPhone users holding Wise Gold Card, Money Link Card, Elite Club Card, Peony Credit Card or current savings passbook.

III. Features and Advantages
1. Exclusive services: Same styles of interfaces, flows and steps as in existing WindowsPhone device and application software, familiar feel to WindowsPhone users.
2. Rich functions: WindowsPhone Banking offers 13 service functions for you to seize every market opportunity to accumulate wealth, including my A/C, transfer/remittance, bill payment, fund, FX, precious metal, ICBC wealth management, schedule cash withdrawal, ICBC Messager, credit card, fixed deposit, call deposit, services and setting.
3. Safe and reliable: ICBC e-password device or code card to help you protect the amount in your account.

IV. Application Conditions
1. You must be a holder of Wise Gold Card, Money Link Card, Elite Club Card, Peony Credit Card, or current savings passbook.
2. Download and install the client software "ICBC Mobile Banking" from Microsoft WindowsPhone Market.

V. Sign up
Self-service registration:
1. WindowsPhone Banking client: At the home page, click "Self-service Registration" and follow the instructions.
2. Mobile website: Use mobile phone to logon Mobile Banking (WAP) (wap.icbc.com.cn), click "Self-service Registration" and follow the instructions.
3. Web portal: Logon ICBC web portal (www.icbc.com.cn), at the right of the website or on the left of the Personal Internet Banking logon page, click “Self-service Registration of Mobile Banking" and follow the instructions.
4. Personal Internet Banking: At the Personal Internet Banking, click “E-Banking Registration” and choose Mobile Banking. Follow the instructions to fill in your personal particulars, choose the registration card for signing up the service, enter the reserved verification information, logon password and registration card of first choice. Submit the application. The registration is successful once all information is verified.
ICBC counter registration:
Apply in person at ICBC outlets using your identity document, bank card or current savings passbook, fill in ICBC Electronic Banking Registration Form for Personal Customers to continue.

Ⅵ. Considerations
1. Logon for the first time: At the WindowsPhone main interface, click the icon "ICBC Mobile Banking", go to logon webpage, enter the mobile No. and logon password, then click "Logon".
2. Logon not for the first time: At the logon webpage, the system will display back the last logon mobile No. in "Enter mobile No." by default, enter the logon password directly, then click "Logon". If you use other mobile No. to logon, click "Enter mobile No." and enter the mobile No..