How to View–Statement

Step 1: Logon to Internet Banking via

Step 2: Select [e-Statement]→[Apply for/Cancel e-Statement]

“View e-Statement “

  • 1. Customers can browse and download monthly /daily e-Statement via this function.
  • 2. The function displays “All account types” by default, customers can select categories include Bank, Investment, Credit Card and FX Margin.
  • 3. Please click “download” to print the e-Statement. e-Statements are in Portable Data Format (PDF), your computer should have installed with an Acrobat Reader (version 7.0 or above) to view the statements. If your computer have not installed with Acrobat Reader, You can download a free version of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.

  • 4. Customer can “download” PDF file with three categories including “All” , “Read “, “Unread”.