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ICBC(Asia) Commercial Mobile Banking APP(ICBC BUSINESS)

ICBC(Asia) Commercial Mobile Banking APP is supported by iPhone/Android platforms, combined with a clear layout and ease of use, so you can easily manage your business accounts anytime and anywhere. Even when you are abroad, you can still enjoy a wide array of quality financial services through your mobile phone.

Commercial Mobile Banking helps you manage your asset with ease

  • Fingerprint#/facial+/gesture login speeds up the login process, providing more convenience to users which relieves the needs of entering login name and password every time.
  • The layout is simple and the display of function menu is obvious at a glance so that the required services and information can be instantly found, and the operation is user-friendly.
  • Equipped with personalized and customized menu, and home avatar function.
  • Provides a wide range of financial services, such as demand deposits, time deposits, checks and smart account enquiry services.
  • Provides instruction authorization and inquiry.

#Touch ID login service is for use only on Apple iPhone 5s or later iPhone models and Android Devices which support fingerprint authentication function.

+Face ID login service is for use only on Apple iPhone X or later iPhone models. This service is not applicable for Android Devices.

Commercial Mobile Banking download method

Search ‘ICBC (Asia)’ through App Store, Google Play, or scan the following QR Codes to download the ICBC(Asia) Commercial Mobile Banking APP.

App Store
Google Play

If your Android mobile phone cannot access to the above application stores, please click here and search for “海外版企业手机银行” to download the App directly.

Recommended Operation System

The following specifications are for reference only :

- Apple iOS 6.0 or more updated versions

-Android 4.0 or more updated versions