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Renminbi Services

Leveraging the extensive network and advanced technology platform of ICBC in China, ICBC (Asia) provides you comprehensive, unique and competitive RMB services which can help you to manage your wealth easily.

Once either Elite Club or Peony Money Link Card • E-Ages of ICBC is activated, you can enjoy the facilities provided by ICBC and experience the advanced E-banking services in the mainland. You can handle most of the banking services, like time deposits, gold and foreign exchange transaction, as well as remittance services through online bankng securely and conveniently.

Savings Account1

You can choose passbook or statement savings for summary of account transactions, and enjoy greater convenience to enquire account balance through Internet Banking Services or Phone Banking Services.

Time Deposit Account1

There are ranges of deposit tenors for you to choose and enjoy preferential rate. The initial deposit can be as low as RMB 5,000.

Remittance Service2

Convenient remittance service processed via any of our branches. Apart from the general RMB remittance, we also offer a remittance, namely “Remittance Service With Predetermined RMB Exchange Rate”. This service enables you to remit HKD or USD with quoted RMB exchange rate. The beneficiaries can receive the funds in USD at ICBC branches on the mainland with the exchange rate quoted on the remittance date. By using this service, you can better mange your finance at ease.

Through a global remittance and clearing system, ICBC Express provides customers a fast and convenient remittance service around the world. It helps you remit money between branches of ICBC group with higher speed but lower charges.

Exchange Service

You can conduct through our various service channels without any limitation on exchange amount. Also, our free-of-charge exchange service3 and preferential exchange rates help you grasp every RMB opportunity.

ICBC Dual Currency credit card

ICBC Dual Currency Credit Card has both Renminbi and Hong Kong Dollar accounts in one card: purchases and cash withdrawals via ICBC and China UnionPay networks in Mainland China will be posted in Renminbi, so you won't have to pay extra money for exchange rate difference and overseas purchase handling fee for Renminbi; purchases and cash withdrawals via VISA network in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas will be posted in Hong Kong Dollars. It saves you from the risks and burden of carrying cash during outbound travels. You can even enjoy numerous merchant offers from Beijing, Shanghai, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau.

Greater Bay Area Loan - Mortgage

With the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area, more and more Hong Kong resident will consider to purchase properties in the area for self-occupation or investment. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited (“ICBC (Asia)”/ the “Bank”) understands customers’ needs and has launched the “Greater Bay Area Loan - Mortgage” to assist Hong Kong resident to buy China properties with ease. Customers may enjoy the convenience of living in the Greater Bay Area.

Other Mainland related services

We also offer a variety of mainland related services that include "Accidental Emergency Medical Insurance Card" and repaid mortgage payment for ICBC Shenzhen branch.

Other services channels

Customers can manage their accounts, order cheque book and bank statement either online, phone banking or ATM, they can also enjoy the following services:

  • Online and Phone Banking:
    • Transaction history enquiry
    • Time deposit placement
    • Change the notice of time deposit
    • RMB accounts transfer and buy/ sell RMB
    • Cheque status enquiry
    • Stop cheque payment
  • ATM Card
    • Can withdraw either RMB or Hong Kong Dollar cash. Now, you can also withdraw RMB cash from ICBC ATM in mainland, debits directly from your HKD account. No administration fee will be charged.
  • 95588 Roaming Service
    • By simply dialing a local phone number, you can manage your banking affairs with ICBC and ICBC (Asia) at any time without any long distance call cost no matter you are in the Mainland or Hong Kong. When you are in the Mainland, you can dial a local call 95588* to access to your bank, credit card and securities accounts of ICBC (Asia) with a wide range of services, and when you are in Hong Kong, you may also dial a local call 218 95588 to manage the bank accounts of ICBC.


  1. Only applicable to individual RMB account holders (must be Hong Kong residents who also are holders of HKID Card).
  2. RMB remittance services only apply to individual RMB account holders who can remit RMB from his/ her personal RMB savings account with ICBC (Asia) to his/ her RMB account under the same name on the mainland. Each customer can remit up to RMB80,000 per day.
  3. Only applicable to ICBC (Asia) customers, travelers from the mainland.

Risks relating to RMB

The Chinese Renminbi is currently a restricted currency. Due to the exchange controls and/or restrictions which may be imposed by the PRC government on the convertibility or utilization of RMB from time to time, there is no guarantee that disruption in the transferability, convertibility or liquidity of RMB will not occur. There is thus a likelihood that you may not be able to convert the Chinese Renminbi received into other freely convertible currencies.