“Flexi Plus” Savings Deposit

As our privilege customer, we always help you grow your wealth! Depositing new funds into the "Flexi Plus" account will allow you to enjoy step-up bonus interest rate. Enjoy bonus interest rate and high financial flexibility that sweeten your days!

“Flexi Plus” Savings Deposit

All you need is to open a “Flexi Plus” Account through ICBC(Asia) Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or branch(es), and deposit new funds into Flexi Plus Account during the sign up period*. You can enjoy bonus interest rate at each stage** on top of the savings Interest rate^ during the bonus period from the first day of deposit for your savings. You can refer to the following interest rate calculation method:



*The above example is for reference only. The sign up period, bonus period, interest rates and deposit requirement are subject to the latest announcement of the Bank

**The above bonus interest rate is only an example and is for reference only.

^The above annual interest rates of Savings Deposit set out is quoted by the Bank on 28th December 2020 and are for reference purposes only.The actual interest rate shall be subject to change from time to time of the Bank at sole discretion. Flexi Plus HKD Savings Deposit Offer’s quota is limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. For transfer funds from Settlement Account to open Flexi Plus Sub-Accounts, please reserve one extra working day for settlement in case of cheque deposit into Settlement Account.

Details of the latest promotion

Offers and rewards are subject to the terms and conditions, please refer to the applicable terms and conditions or contact our branches for more details.

To read “Flexi Plus” Account Mobile Banking Guideline, please click here.

To read “Flexi Plus” Account Internet Banking Guideline, please click here.

Flexi Plus Account Terms and Conditions:
1.Flexi Plus Account is the specified savings deposit account that is qualified to enjoy the bonus interest rate offer.
2.Flexi Plus Account is only applicable to the sole account holder or the joint account holder (if the account is a joint-name account) who holds a Savings Account (including Single-Currency Savings Account, savings sub-account under Multi-Currency Savings Account / Integrated / E-Age / Elite Club account) (the “Savings Account”) (the “Eligible Customer”) of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited (the “Bank”).
3.The currency of Flexi Plus Account is denominated in Hong Kong Dollar / US Dollor / Renminbi separately. Other foreign currency is not applicable.
4.Each Eligible Customer is entitled to open one Flexi Plus Account only for each currency. For the avoidance of doubt, if the sole account holder and the joint account holder (if the account is a joint-name account) holding the Savings Account is the same person, he/she is entitled to open one Flexi Plus Account in his/her sole name or in joint name only for each currency.
5.The Flexi Plus Account (the “Primary Account”) contains multiple Flexi Plus Sub-Accounts (the “Sub-Accounts”). The Primary Account is not the account for deposit or withdrawal of funds and is for identification purpose only. All the funds in the Flexi Plus Account are actually maintained in the Sub-Account(s).
6.Upon the opening of the Flexi Plus Account, the Eligible Customer must select the Savings Account with same currency as a settlement account (the “Settlement Account”) for interest disbursement. This Settlement Account will be used as the account for deposit into and withdrawal from the Sub-Account(s).
7.The Eligible Customer can make an initial deposit into a Sub-Account under the Flexi Plus Account. Further deposit into the same Sub-Account is not allowed after the initial deposit. Each transaction of subsequent deposit into the Flexi Plus Account thereafter will trigger the opening of another new Sub-Account which will holds each subsequent deposit. For the avoidance of doubt, the Eligible Customer who participates in a promotion of the Bank’s bonus interest rate offer will open a Sub-Account for depositing the funds that fulfill the specified deposit requirement of each particular promotion. Each Sub-Account cannot be used for making further deposits. Withdrawal from Sub-Accounts must be credited to the Settlement Account.
8.The withdrawal of funds from the Sub-Account is subject to the relevant promotional terms and conditions of the bonus interest rate offer for deposit. Generally, partial withdrawal is allowed before the end of Bonus Period provided that the withdrawal must be transferred to the Settlement Account. If the Eligible Customer holds more than one Sub-Account, the Eligible Customer is required to select one of the Sub-Accounts for the withdrawal.
9.Interest calculation of a partially withdrawn deposit will be subject to the relevant terms and conditions of the bonus interest rate offer for deposit. Generally, it is calculated from the date of the funds deposited into the Sub-Account until the day before withdrawal. All the entitled interest (which may fall on a non-business day) will be credited to the Settlement Account.
10.If the credit balance of the Sub-Account is “zero” after withdrawal, the relevant Sub-Account will be automatically closed and all the entitled interest will be credited to the Settlement Account on the next business day after withdrawal.
11.Another Savings Account with same currency (except the closed account) must be selected as Settlement Account in case the designated Savings Account which has been assigned as the Settlement Account needs to be closed, provided that the Flexi Plus Account is still valid. If there is no alternative Savings Account with same currency to be set as Settlement Account, the Eligible Customer must close the Flexi Plus Account together. The remaining funds and entitled interest will be credited to the Settlement Account, so that the Eligible Customer can withdraw the funds from the Settlement Account before the Settlement Account is closed.
12.The transaction record of Flexi Plus Account and Sub-Accounts will be shown on Monthly Statement, and can be reviewed via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.
13.The signing authority of Flexi Plus Account must be the same as that of the Settlement Account.
14.ATM function is not offered for the Flexi Plus Account.
15.The Flexi Plus Account cannot be used as the settlement account of any investment products.
16.The Flexi Plus Account cannot be used for Direct Debit Authorization or Standing Instruction.
17.If the Flexi Plus Account does not have any transaction record and with zero balance for 23 months, the Flexi Plus Account will be automatically closed.
18.Funds in the Sub-Accounts are qualified for protection by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong. 19.The Bank reserves the right to change, suspend and/or discontinue the Flexi Plus Account or to revise the relevant terms and conditions without prior notice.
20.The Flexi Plus Account, the Sub-Account(s) and the Settlement Account shall be also subject to the Master Terms and Conditions – Banking Services.
21.Any person or entity that is not a party to these Terms and Conditions shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Cap. 623 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to enforce any part of these Terms and Conditions.
22.If there are any disputes, the decision of the Bank on all matters shall be final binding and conclusive.
23.In case of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.