Customer Reminder - Do not disclose your online banking account and password

Dear Valued Customer,

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited (the 'Bank") would like to remind customers to beware of telephone deception and not to disclose your online banking account and password to third party. To protect your own interests, please read the following information:

Recently, swindlers are impersonating law enforcement officers or government officials making calls to the general public. The swindlers claimed that the victims had violated the laws of the Mainland and were being investigated, and provided a forged "arrest warrant issued by Mainland authorities", so the victims believed that they were involved in the case. The victims follow the request of swindlers to open bank accounts and activate e-banking services, then transfer their personal savings to the account as a "guarantee deposit for investigation" to prove their innocence. The swindlers claimed to help victims to eliminate suspicion and asked them to provide their personal bank account number, online banking account and password, and one time password (OTP) to steal their properties.

In order to protect your own interests, the Bank reminds customer and the general public:
1. Law enforcement officers or government officials do not use mobile applications (such as Whatapps/WeChat) to make video calls and conduct investigation or interrogation by video calls; and they do not require the general public to provide their e-banking accounts and passwords or properties to eliminate suspicion.
2. If the callers claim themselves as law enforcement officers or government officials and request for your personal data and property with various reasons, please contact the corresponding offices to verify the identity of the callers.
3. Do not disclose sensitive information including bank account numbers, online banking accounts and password, and OTP to any stranger:
4. Do not download unknown mobile applications or enter unknown website, or input any information into unknown mobile applications or websites;
5. Enhance the security of e-banking by adopting multifactor authentication, such as enable two-factor authentication or biometric authentication function.

If you receive suspicious call, keep calm and beware of deception. Please call the Police's "Anti-Scam helpline" 18222 for enquiry if you have any question.