ICBC Global Travel Platinum MasterCard

Enjoy the worldwide privileges with ICBC Global Travel Platinum MasterCard

As your best travel companion, ICBC Global Travel Platinum MasterCard combined a wide range of travel benefits and services including airline, accommodation, shopping, traveling, car rental and worldwide travel assistance! What's more, you can also earn cash coupon or cash rebate while spending across the world!

Welcome Offer

New customers who successfully apply for ICBC Global Travel Platinum MasterCard can enjoy

  • HK$150 Free Credit Card Spending Limit*

*To be entitled to the relevant welcome offer, new customers are required to accumulate retail spending or cash advance for HK$1,500 or above within the first 2 months of new cards issuance.

For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions of the Welcome Offer.

Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service1

Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service ("AAVS") enables you automatically to add value to any Octopus card / product1without queuing when insufficient funds occur. Octopus card now can be used in Shenzhen. Octopus card / product with AAVS function can also be top-up at Shenzhen too.

The top-up value is entitled to cash rebate or mileage rewards as well as an interest-free repayment period, and you can also apply for AAVS to your beloved ones.

1.For details, please refer to the terms and conditions for “Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service”.

Spending Rewards2

Spend with ICBC Global Travel Platinum MasterCard to enjoy fabulous spending rewards!

Option 1: Mileage Rewards

ICBC Global Travel Platinum MasterCard cardholder can choose to automatically convert the accumulated points to PhoenixMiles. Retail spending of every HK$6 will be converted to 1 mile 3.

Retail Spending HK$6 = 1 Mile

Option 2: Cash Rebate

For every HK$1 spent with ICBC Global Travel Platinum MasterCard, you will be entitled to 0.5% Cash Rebate. Rebate amount will be calculated on monthly basis and shown on statement2.

For every HK$1 spent = 0.5% Cash Rebate

2.The rewards are not applicable to cash advances, balance transfer, cash installment loan amount/ tax loan and personal loan amount/ merchant installment loan amount and the repayment amount, reload/ transfer of e-wallet (includes but not limited to Alipay、PayMe、Tap & Go and WeChat Pay),donations, purchase of casino chips, gambling transactions unauthorized transactions, all payment type (including but not limited to card account's fees, cash installment, any financial charges , late charges, all account service charges, settlement through online personal banking service or ATM for insurance payment or utilities bills, tax payment, payment for MPF contribution etc.); Also, the Rewards are not applicable to the transactions of supermarkets, fuel, transportation fee, property, motor vehicle, wholesale, hospital and school fees in China etc. Transactions which have not been posted, cancelled, refunded or not authorized are not eligible to the rewards.

3. PhoenixMiles Mileage Rewards are bound by the relevant terms and conditions set by ICBC (Asia) and PhoenixMiles, Air China.

*The offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions.

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