Huawei Pay

To use Huawei Pay, ICBC UnionPay credit card customers only need to download the “HUAWEI Wallet” App from “HUAWEI AppGallery”, and then add the ICBC UnionPay credit card1 to the wallet. You can use Huawei Pay at any place with the following signs in Hong Kong without having to open any mobile app.

Huawei Pay is easy to use. Customers can activate the service after binding their ICBC UnionPay credit card with "HUAWEI Wallet". When paying in a physical store, customers do not need to unlock the screen, open mobile app, or access the internet. They only need to tap the top of the mobile phone (rear camera lens area) against the payment terminal that supports UnionPay QuickPass, and complete the payment authentication by the fingerprint or payment passcode. Customers can enjoy more convenience when shopping by using Huawei Pay and gain bonus point rewards or cash rebates 2 through spending with ICBC UnionPay credit card at the same time .

Privacy and Security Protection
Every transaction has to be authenticated by the fingerprint or payment passcode.
Huawei Pay uses a device-specific number known as a token instead of your credit card number to proceed transactions. Your credit card number is not stored on your device or on Huawei Pay servers, or not share with merchants.
Huawei Pay does not retain transaction inquiries that could track your personal identity when you use HUAWEI Wallet.

Add ICBC UnionPay credit card to HUAWEI Wallet

Add ICBC UnionPay credit cards1 to HUAWEI Wallet with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open “Wallet” App in the mobile phone that supports Huawei Pay3;

Step 2: Touch the plus sign (+) and select “Bank cards”;

Step 3: Follow the screen instructions and conduct identity verification to complete the card binding

Please visit Huawei website
for compatible Huawei Pay device models and Huawei Pay set up details.

Use of Huawei Pay

Pay in store

Step 1: Place the mobile phone near the payment terminal NFC reader, and the screen will automatically enter the payment page

Step 2: Follow the screen instruction to complete the fingerprint or payment password authentication, then approach the payment terminal device again

Step 3: The payment terminal device prints the transaction receipt, and the payment is completed successfully

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