Reward Program

Cardholders can choose your own rewards from ICBC Credit Card Rewards Program.

Bonus Point

For every HKD/RMB 1 spent with your ICBC Credit Card, you will receive 1 point. Accumulated bonus points can be redeemed for cash rebate, cash coupons and mileage*.
*The mileage redemption is all subject to airline company respective terms and conditions. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Airline Company shall be final.

Cash Rebate

Cardholder can choose cash rebate as their spending rewards. For every dollar (HKD) spends with the card will entitle 0.5% cash rebate. Rebate amount will be calculated on monthly basis, and shown in the statement.

Note :Bonus point and cash rebate are not applicable to cash advances, balance transfer, cash installment loan amount/ tax loan and personal loan amount/ merchant installment loan amount and the repayment amount,reload/ transfer of e-wallet (includes but not limited to Alipay、PayMe、Tap & Go and WeChat Pay),donations, , purchase of casino chips, gambling transactions, unauthorized transactions ,all payment type (including but not limited to card account's fees, cash installment, any financial charges , late charges, all account service charges, settlement through online personal banking service or ATM for insurance payment or utilities bills, tax payment, payment for MPF contribution etc. Or other categories as we may at our sole discretion determine from time to time); Also, the Rewards are not applicable to the transactions of supermarkets, fuel, transportation fee, property, motor vehicle, wholesale, hospital and school fees in China etc. Transactions which have not been posted, cancelled, refunded or not authorized are not eligible to the rewards.

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Reminder:To borrow or not to borrow ? Borrow only if you can repay !