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E-presentation Platform

ICBC (Asia) is now providing a set of paperless trade finance solutions for our customers, which not only saves the time cost of mailing documents between different parties of a trade transaction, but also reduces the risk of losing the important documents and enhance customer experience.

Applicable scenarios

  • In global trade flows, you wish to handle the trade documents in digital form instead of in the traditional paper-based form for business processing.

Service features

  • E-presentation is a much more efficient way of presenting the documents, it has successfully replaced the traditional method of presentation in some commodity business transactions. The E-presentation indicates the trend of electronization in international trade settlement. It saves the time costs and allows the importers to take delivery of goods as soon as possible.

Trade Finance blockchain Platform

ICBC (Asia) has joined a few blockchain platforms, and is devoted to promoting blockchain and financial technology innovative application in trade finance businesses, and enhancing cross-border trade financing and customer experience with a more efficient, convenient and reliable manner.

Applicable scenarios

  • When you and your counter-party as well as its bank join the same blockchain platform, you can perform actions including document information checking, application submission to ICBC (Asia) and transaction progress tracking via the platform, which will further enhance business efficiency.

Service features

  • The blockchain platform safeguards information security by data cross-verification nodes that cannot be tampered, the Bank can rely on trustworthy trade transaction information and avails the digital channel to replace the traditional ways of passing the paper documents, which not only safeguards the security for transaction and improves the information checking efficiency for funding, but also facilitates the turnover of the corporation.

Commercial Mobile and Internet Banking

The L/C issuance and financing, import collection financing, import and export invoice financing can be realized via Commercial Internet Banking. Among the aforementioned businesses, import and export invoice financing application could be authorized via mobile banking. You can have a more flexible, more efficient, more secured and more convenient user experience by using ICBC (Asia) Commercial Internet Banking Services.

Service Functions
Submission of application/ instruction Enquiry of Transaction Status Download processing advice/ LC copy
Import LC application/Amendment*
Import LC Documents (with Loan application)
Export LC  
Export LC Documents  
Import Collection (with loan application)
Export Collection  
Export Invoice financing* #
Import Invoice financing* #
Guarantee/SBLC application/Amendment*
Guarantee/SBLC advising  
Loan Enquiry and Loan repayment#

For all loan types

Download Forms Click here
Outstanding Report List out all outstanding transactions as of previous day
Remarks:* Support documents upload. # Provide commercial mobile banking inquiry and authorization function.

You can enjoy an efficient and convenient business services through Commercial Internet Banking to handle documents and trade financing services. During the promotion period, can enjoy triple offers for successful application. Please refer to the following attachment for details:

Triple Offers for Trade Finance Transaction via Commercial Internet Banking (valid until 31st Dec 2023)

Commercial Internet Banking (Trade Finance and Document) user manual

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Should you have any enquiries, please contact our customer services hotline at 2533 8881 or by sending email to tradefinance@icbcasia.com.

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