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Factoring and account receivables financing

ICBC (Asia) is an experienced member of the Federation of International Factors (FCI) with a reliable network of factor houses, as well as credit insurance bank policies coverage. There are one-stop account receivables solutions including credit insurance management for exporters, comprehensive account receivables ledger management and prepayments.


When you settle the payment with the importer by open-account , you can assign ICBC (Asia) as an export factor to provide you the service of importer credit investigation, monitor credit protection on importer, comprehensive ledger management (inclusive of aging monitoring and collection management), and account receivables prepayment.

If you have prepayment requirement, it could be achieved by assigning account receivables to ICBC (Asia)to improve cash flow liquidity. Under normal circumstances, the quality of accounts receivable and past records are used as the criteria for approval. You do not need to provide additional collateral.

Applicable scenarios

As an exporter, you would like to have credit insurance protection and prepayment on credit sales agreed with importer.

Product features

  • Collection assistance: The Bank supports aging monitoring and collection management on account receivables assigned to reduce your collection pressure.
  • Credit protection: There are pre-approved credit limits on factored importers, which support you on risk monitoring by off-loading credit risk up to agreed credit limit.
  • Speed up capital turnover: Prepayment arrangement supports you on financial statement position by assigning the available funds. The cash flow availability can be promptly improved by converting account receivables to cash in order to facilitate business operation.
  • Limit exchange rate risk: To avoid exchange risk monitoring after receivables assigned and prepaid.

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Should you have any enquiries, please contact our customer services hotline at 2533 8881 or by sending email to tradefinance@icbcasia.com

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