Account Information Management

According to your financial management needs, we will make use of our infrastructure and network strength to help you to manage and monitor your inward, outward and residual funds in your accounts. We offer comprehensive account information services, which can achieve the cash flow and information flow to be delivered simultaneously, and provide comprehensive information to support your business decision.

Global Account Information

With our Internet banking services, you can enquire the account balance of previous day and current day, and also the historical and current account activities of the Global accounts opened with any subsidiaries of ICBC Group and other banks, enabling real time access of your account information.

SWIFT Report Format

You can enquire the account balance and activities of the accounts opened with the correspondent banks of ICBC Group. We offer various account information reports in SWIFT format, including transaction statement of previous day, day-end balance report and intra-day transaction report etc.

Account Information Reporting

We offer account information report (for single account) and consolidated account report (for savings, loan and wealth management accounts). Also, we will base on your requirements to provide periodic report on daily, weekly or monthly basis.