Account Information Management

According to your financial management needs, we will take advantage of our infrastructure and network to manage your inward, outward and residual funds, provide comprehensive account information services and support to achieve the cash flow and information flow to be delivered simultaneously.

Account Aggregation Service (AAS) Enquiry

Enabling real time access of the account information with our Commercial Internet Banking and Host-to-Host Service,you can inquire the account balance of previous day and present day, the historical account activities of the Global Accounts, which opened at any branches/ sub branches of ICBC Group and other banks.


  • Centralised financial management – Through the ICBC Asia commercial online banking to achieve the unified management of group company member accounts, especially for managing the management or financial personnel concentrated in a certain location.
  • Timely and efficient – To enhance the financial management efficiency, global account details and capital movements are presented in a real time unified page.

Account Information Report (MT940)

You can inquire the account details and balance information which opened at ICBC Group and banking partners, or send the account informaion and balance of your account to ICBC group with your designated SWIFT CODE.

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