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Bank guarantee

ICBC (Asia) continuously maintain a high-level of obligations and prime international credit rating, and able to issue bank guarantees (guarantees, stand-by letters of credit and commitment letters) according to different business needs of corporate customers. You are confidence on promoting trade activities with our guarantees supported with flexibly tenor and terms arrangement per credit line offered.


ICBC (Asia) provides bank guarantees to your customers or counter-parties (beneficiaries) for various purposes: financing, bidding, performance, payment, prepayment, leasing, corporate mergers and acquisitions, bond issuance, etc. The beneficiary can apply for compensation and ICBC (Asia) will pay the beneficiary the specified amount for the bank guarantee if the guarantee underlined contract or agreement is not fulfilled and executed.

Applicable scenarios

You need to provide a bank guarantee according to the requirements of the beneficiary.

Product features

  • Increase level of acceptability and legitimacy on contract terms execution: The interests of beneficiaries are secured as agreed terms which promote negotiation process and get business deal closed.
  • Payment guaranteed per terms reviewed: ICBC (Asia) will decide whether to pay according to the bank guarantee terms.
  • Reduce fund pressure: You can have bank guarantee arrangement supported credit recognition and terms acceptance for providing cash deposit or prepaid arrangement to counter-parties in order to reduce the fund pressure.

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Should you have any enquiries, please contact our customer services hotline at 2533 8881 or by sending email to tradefinance@icbcasia.com.

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