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ICBC (Asia) continues to provide comprehensive self service banking services and Debit Card (also known as ATM Card) Services. With the ICBC (Asia) Debit Card, you can access Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas networks including ICBC, CUP, JETCO ATMs and other electronic payment POS in the world. You can enjoy the convenient wealth management advantages such as instant cash withdrawal and POS purchase at ease anywhere, anytime.

Free-of-Charge Cash Withdrawal in Mainland China

  • By accessing more than 60,000 ICBC ATMs in Mainland China with ICBC (Asia) HKD Debit Card, you can enjoy balance inquiry, RMB cash withdrawal services without any transaction charge (It can save at least HKD15 for each cash withdrawal transaction)1.

Dual-currency Accounts, Free Choice

  • You can link up to three current or savings accounts in the same ICBC (Asia) Debit Card.
  • It supports both HKD and RMB currency accounts.

Global Access, Caring Service

  • You can use ICBC (Asia) Debit Card to withdraw local currency from ATMs in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and from CUP or CIRRUS2 ATMs all over the world3 4,
  • You can use ICBC (Asia) Debit Card to enjoy POS purchase through CUP merchants in Mainland China and overseas. The consumed amount will be debited directly from the selected debit card account5.

Local Service, Thoughtful All-round Service

  • HKD Cash Withdrawal
  • Payment and Credit Card Payment
  • RMB Cash Withdrawal
  • Statement and Cheque Book Request
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Donation
  • Transfer
  • Change Password

HKD cash withdrawal

at around 2,000 ICBC (Asia) and JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong.

RMB cash withdrawal

at our ever-expanding ICBC (Asia) ATMs6.

HKD deposit

at over 30 designated ICBC (Asia) ATMs with instant deposit service. The amount will be credited into the account instantly.

Bill payment

to various merchants and credit card payment at ICBC (Asia) and JETCO ATMs marked with Jet Payment logo, or using PPS online or phone payment services with prior registration at PSS terminal.

POS purchase

with direct insertion of ICBC (Asia) Debit Card in merchants with EPS or CUP logo. The consumed amount will be debited directly from the selected debit card account.

Other services

include fund transfer, balance inquiry, change password, statement and cheque book request, bill payment and charity donation etc.



  1. Daily limit is HKD20, 000 or its equivalent.
  2. Debit cardholders with CIRRUS logo embossed on the card back can withdraw cash or enquire balance through the CIRRUS ATMs all over the world (including Mainland China).
  3. Except RMB accounts linked with primary account on Debit Card that can withdraw RMB in Mainland China, other HKD account linked with primary account on Debit Card can only withdraw local currency outside Hong Kong ATMs.
  4. Cash withdrawal via JETCO, CUP, CIRRUS in Macau, Mainland China and overseas will be charged with handling fees of HKD/RMB10, 15, 30 respectively.
  5. The POS purchase via CUP is available to the card with CUP logo embossed on the card front or card back.
  6. ICBC (Asia)  ATM provides cash ¥100 only for RMB cash withdrawal. You can withdraw CNY cash with minimal 100 and maximal 2,000 each time.


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