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Trade Services are financial products geared to assist both importers and exporters in reducing the payment risk associated with international trade.

We offer comprehensive services including Documentary Credit Issuance, Negotiation and Purchase of Export Bills, Shipping Guarantee, Packing Loan and Invoice Financing. We also provide different treasury products to help you effectively hedge and manage foreign exchange risk arising from foreign trade.

The support we provide is as varied as the economy in which we operate. The Bank's credibility, underpinned by our strong links worldwide, means you can rely on us to ensure your international trade relationships are highly efficient.

Diamond Trade Finance

Our Diamond Section provides professional diamond trade services like specialized facilities such as diamond loans against purchase invoices, the arrangement of securities for "Gold Loan" facilities, and the guaranteeing of A.T.A. Carnets.

Import Trade Finance Products

  • Documentary Credit Issuance including Back-to-Back Documentary Credit and Standby Letter of Credit
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Import Collection
  • Trust Receipt
  • Import Invoice Financing

Export Trade Finance Products

  • Documentary Credit Advising
  • Documentary Credit Confirmation
  • Documentary Credit Transfer
  • Negotiation of export documents under documentary credit
  • Purchase of export DA / DP documents
  • Export Collection under documentary credit and DA /DP
  • Export Invoice Financing
  • Packing Loan

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Forms (Import)



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