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ICBC Prepaid Card is a one-time credit card with prepaid value for retail spending. Using ICBC Prepaid Card is very convenient. Just sign on the back of the Card, and the cardholder can use the Card to spend at any merchants displaying the Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay logo1 as applicable until the prepaid value on the Card is used up. There is also no need to input any PIN.

Compared with ordinary credit card or debit card, the ICBC Prepaid Card has the following advantages:


Anonymous and Freely Transferable

ICBC Prepaid Card is an anonymous card2 which can be freely transferable3. Customers are not required to provide their personal data for purchasing the ICBC Prepaid Card.  It is the best choice when considering a gift for relatives and friends.  Nevertheless, the holder of the ICBC Prepaid Card must reach the minimum age of 18.


Simple Procedure

It does not need to go through any application or approval process for purchasing ICBC Prepaid Card. No need to wait for card issuance. No confirmation or activation procedure is required and the Card can be used immediately after purchase.


Flexible Prepaid Amount

ICBC Prepaid Card does not have any pre-set credit limit. The Cardholder is free to deposit, upon purchase of the ICBC Prepaid Card, any amount into the Card. The minimum and maximum amounts of the prepaid value are HK$100 and HK$7,500 respectively. Once purchased, the ICBC Prepaid Card cannot be added with any further value.


No Annual Fee

There is no annual fee for ICBC Prepaid Card. However, the Bank will charge HK$10 or a fee that the Bank may announce and publish from time to time upon customer purchase.


Balance Enquiry

No statement will be issued for ICBC Prepaid Card. Cardholders can call 218 95588 to enquire the transaction details or the balance of the prepaid value on the Card.

For enquiries, please visit any of our branches. Our customer service officers are willing to provide you with more details.


Note :

  1. The ICBC Prepaid Card cannot be used to withdraw cash from ATM or teller counter. It cannot be used for transactions effected through mail, phone or internet. Neither can it be used in airplane or cruise line. The ICBC Prepaid Card cannot be used for any illegal or immoral purposes including illegal gambling.
  2. Except when more than one card is purchased with a cumulative prepaid value of  HK$10,000 or above.
  3. Once the ICBC Prepaid Card is signed at the back by the cardholder, it can no longer be transferable.


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