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One Card, Two Currencies, Connecting you to Hong Kong and China

ICBC Visa Dual Currency Business Credit Card ("Business Card") is a smart way to facilitate the management of your business spending. Whether you are in Hong Kong, China or overseas, Business Card offers a comprehensive range of services and privileges to cater for your business needs, while helping your company save money.


Renminbi Hong Kong Dollar Account
Every Business Card has both Renminbi and Hong Kong Dollar accounts. Purchases and cash advances via ICBC and UnionPay networks in Mainland China will be posted in Renminbi, so you won't have to pay extra fees for differences in exchange rates and overseas transaction handling fee. Transactions made via VISA network in Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas will be posted in Hong Kong Dollars.


24-hour Worldwide Cash Availability
With a Business Card on hand, you may obtain 24-hour cash advances at ATMs in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas carrying the signs of ICBC (Asia), JETCO, Visa, Peony Card and UnionPay

In Hong Kong, cash advance limit is subject to individual ATM. In Mainland China, cash advance is limited to a maximum of RMB5,000 per day. For enquiry on available cash advance limit, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline (852) 218 95588.


Flexible Account Management
Business Card allows the company to assign different credit limits within your company limit to individual employee. Individual credit limit can also be change whenever required for additional flexibility.

Employees will receive their individual statement while the company will receive consolidated report on monthly and quarterly basis. This consists of detailed transaction records of both HKD and RMB card accounts in different categories, enabling your company to monitor and analyze spending nature for evaluation and cost management.


Corporate Identity
Each Business Card will be embossed with company name. Staff making business purchases with the card help to reinforce company's corporate identity.

Year Round Merchant Offers
Business Card provides dining, shopping and entertainment privileges in Hong Kong, Macau and major cities in Mainland China all year round.


"Phone Banking Roaming Service"
"Phone Banking Roaming Service" gives customers 24-hour free access to account management. In Mainland China, you can dial local number 95588 for customer service of ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Centre to manage your credit card account. This service gives you the flexibility to manage your accounts without incurring IDD charges.


Emergency Medical Protection in Mainland China
Provided by China Pacific Insurance, a one-year free Medical Card (worth HK$600) service entitles the Cardholder to emergency treatments at more than 1,000 key hospitals in Mainland China without prepaying deposits. Furthermore, you are entitled to other medical services such as hospital transfers and Hong Kong-bound post-treatment transportation services, etc.

The Medical Card will be sent to Cardholder within 3-4 weeks upon card activation. The validity of the Medical Card is 1 year. If Cardholder is already an existing Medical Card holder, China Pacific Insurance will provide the Cardholder a Personal Accident Insurance coverage of up to HKD260,000. Pease refer to the terms and conditions in the insurance contract for details. The above medical insurance is provided by China Pacific Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited and ICBC (Asia) shall not be held liable for the quality of the product under any circumstances. Key hospitals are administrated by the Health Bureau, the Health Department and the Ministry of Health P.R. China and Bureau of Medical Administration Health Department of the General Logistics Department of the People¡¦s Liberation Army of China. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of your individual insurance policy for protection scope and limitations. Please call the China Pacific Insurance Service Hotline at (852) 2137 7631 for details.


Sign and Fly Protection
Cardholder will be entitled to a free on-flight personal accident travel insurance coverage up to US$150,000 if you purchase the traveling fares or tickets with the Business Card.

Note: Sign and Fly Protection is governed by the master policy held by ICBC (Asia).


Credit Card Payment
Whether you are in Hong Kong, Mainland China or overseas, you can settle your HKD and RMB card account payment of the Business Card through autopay to enjoy maximum convenience. RMB card account balance will be converted to HKD and direct debit from your designated HKD savings or current account in the bank. You can also choose to settle the payment via PPS or by cheque. If you are in Mainland China, you can directly settle the RMB card account by paying RMB at any ICBC branch.


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