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With the world's largest capitalisation and a wealth of global expertise, ICBC has always enjoyed exceptional advantage in the financial market. Our extensive banking experience across Hong Kong and China allows us to offer you a unique edge and convenience in cross-border wealth management.

UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card has prepared an array of benefits for you; whether it is family vacation, shopping or business travel you are considering, you will enjoy thorough and heartfelt services that give you not only the convenience of a well-managed account but also a brand new experience in comfortable and easy living.


Renminbi / Hong Kong Dollar Accounts

UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card has both Renminbi and Hong Kong Dollar accounts in one card: purchases and cash withdrawals via China UnionPay networks in Mainland China will be posted in Renminbi, no overseas purchase handling fee will be incurred; purchases and cash withdrawals via UnionPay networks in Hong Kong will be posted in Hong Kong Dollars. It saves you from the risks and burden of carrying cash during outbound travels.


Managing Hong Kong and Mainland China Accounts with Free Roaming

The Phone Banking Roaming Service gives customers 24-hour free access to account management. Customers in Mainland China dialing local number 95588 will be connected to Customer Service or Phone Banking Service of ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Centre. In Hong Kong, customers can contact our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 218 95588 to manage their ICBC accounts in Mainland China. This service enables you to manage your accounts in both places flexibly without incurring IDD charges.


Enjoy pleasant and carefree journeys*

You can embark on any amazing trip around the world and enjoy our free and registration-free travel insurance service. When you settle the tour fees in full (or not less than 50% of the total cost) or transport costs with the UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card, you can enjoy global travel insurance. Protection of up to HK$ 6,000,000 covers personal travel accident medical insurance, personal travel medical insurance, and flight and baggage delay compensation. The same protection is extended to your loved ones, including your legal spouse and children under 23 years old.


Relish worry-free shopping fun*

A truly wonderful holiday should be entirely free of stress. We take away your worries with extra global purchase protection. Pay for your shopping with UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card anywhere in the world entitles you to protection of up to HK$ 60,000 against accidental damage or loss of goods within 30 days of purchase.


Begin your journey with VIP benefits*

As UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Cardholder, you will begin your journey in style and comfort. Whatever class you are travelling on, you will have access to exclusive VIP airport lounges in the Mainland before your flight.

Download the Airport Lounge list and Service Guide (Part 1)

Download the Airport Lounge list and Service Guide (Part 2)


Safe and secured with medical coverage*

Regardless of which city you are in China, we bring you comprehensive medical protection to ensure a safe and comfortable journey, either for business or pleasure. Every UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Cardholder is presented with a free China Medical Card, which entitles you to exemption of up to HK$ 50,000 of admission deposit in more than 350 designated hospitals in major China cities should the any unfortunate injury or illness happens when you are traveling in China and require hospitalization.


Fast link between North and South

In the hustle and bustle of a busy city, we strive to make your every trip more efficient and more convenient. UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card's exclusive Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway rapid access allows you to ride the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway with just a wave of your card. No more queuing for tickets and losing valuable time waiting around.

Travel insurance, Global Purchase Protection, airport VIP lounge services and China Medical Card are exclusive privileges for UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Cardholders.MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited is the underwriter of the respective insurance program in the promotion offer and solely responsible for all coverage and compensation.


Year Round Merchant Offers

Cardholder can enjoy exclusive dining, shopping and entertainment privileges with UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card.

What's more, Cardholders can enjoy special discounts and privileges from renowned hotels, restaurants, shopping arcade, etc. in the major cities of Mainland China.

Download ICBC credit card year round merchant offers


Rewards Program

For every HKD/RMB 1 spent with your UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card, you will receive 1 point. Accumulated bonus points can be redeemed for cash coupons or mileage. You can also choose cash rebate as spending rewards.

For every HKD/RMB 1 spent with the card you will be entitled to 0.5% cash rebate. (Cash Rebate for RMB spending will be converted into HKD at 1:1 conversion rate). Rebate amount will be calculated on monthly basis, and shown in the next monthly statement.

Download Bonus point rewards program

Bonus point and Cash Rebate cannot be earned in respect of cash advances, balance transfer, cash installment loan and the repayment, tax loan and personal loan repayment, installment plan, donation, tax payment, purchase of casino chips, gambling transaction, credit card annual fee and all kinds of handling fees and financial charges and any unauthorized transactions.


Easy and Flexible Payment Methods

Whether you are, easy and trouble-free settlement of your UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card balance can be done through the following ways:

Settling Hong Kong Dollar Card Account

  • PPS
  • Autopay
  • Make a crossed HKD cheque payable to ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Centre
  • Direct cash deposit at any ICBC (Asia) branches
  • Arrange fund transfer through ATMs which carry the JETCO sign, ICBC (Asia) Phone Banking Services** or Internet Banking Services*** by from your ICBC (Asia) account(s)

Settling Renminbi Card Account

  • PPS
  • Arrange autopay through ICBC (Asia) HKD or RMB personal bank account
  • Direct cash deposit by HKD or RMB at any ICBC (Asia) branches
  • Make a crossed HKD cheque* payable to ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Centre
  • Fund transfer from ICBC (Asia) HKD or RMB personal bank account(s) through ICBC (Asia) Internet Banking Services***

If settle RMB balance with HKD, the Bank will convert HKD to RMB. The exchange rate of the posting date will be applied to all repayments of Renminbi Account by Hong Kong Dollar remit payment in the next working day after the payment date. Handling fee is waived. Owing to the fluctuation of RMB, customers are advised to prepare sufficient fund for payment. This will avoid financial charges, and the surplus (if any) will be posted to your UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card HKD account for future consumption.

Please write your Credit Card account number marked with "Renminbi Payment" at the back of your cheque. A separate cheque should be given for the payment of Hong Kong Dollars balance.
Service is applicable to Cardholder who has Hong Kong Dollars savings account in ICBC (Asia) and successfully apply for Phone Banking Service.
Service is applicable to Cardholder who has HKD/RMB personal savings account in ICBC (Asia) and successfully apply for Internet Banking Services.


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