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Dragon Centre locates at the traffic hub connecting Kowloon and New Territories West. It is the first retail complex that houses 9 levels of retail activities in Hong Kong with total area of 840,000 sq.ft. There are over 600 shops of designer boutiques, restaurants, ice-skating rink as well as an amusing game centre in Dragon Centre. Dragon Centre presents customers with a one-stop shopping and entertainment hotspot in downtown Hong Kong.

ICBC (Asia) joins hand with Dragon Centre to launch "Dragon Centre MasterCard", to provide exclusive merchants' discount offers, spending rewards and event participation to all Cardholders.


Exclusive Privileges

  • Dragon Centre Merchant Offers
    Cardmebers can enjoy exclusive discounts and privileges with Dragon Centre MasterCard from specific merchant outlets in Dragon Centre.
  • Promotional Event
    What's more, being a Cardholder of Dragon Centre MasterCard, you will have a priority to participate into promotional events, such as talk show, fashion show, mini concert, etc. hold by Dragon Centre, allows you to share the joy and feel the energetic atmosphere.

Year Round Merchant Offers
Cardholders can enjoy exclusive dining, shopping and entertainment privileges with Dragon Centre MasterCard.

Download 2013 year round merchant offers of Dragon Centre MasterCard


Rewards Program

For every HKD/RMB 1 spent with your Dragon Centre MasterCard, you will receive 1 point. Accumulated bonus points can be redeemed for cash coupons, Air China PhoenixMiles, Fortune Wings Miles (Hainan Airlines / Hong Kong Airlines / Hong Kong Express) or China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl Club Mileage.


Download Bonus point rewards program


Bonus point cannot be earned in respect of cash advances, balance transfer, cash installment loan and the repayment, tax loan and personal loan repayment, installment plan, donation, tax payment, purchase of casino chips, gambling transaction, credit card annual fee and all kinds of handling fees and financial charges and any unauthorized transactions.


24-hour Worldwide Cash Availability
You can obtain cash advance with your ATM PIN 24 hours a day from any JETCO ATMs or MasterCard ATMs worldwide.

Convenient Payment Methods
You can settle your credit card payment in any of the following ways to save time and enjoy maximum convenience:


Simply register your credit card with the PPS, you can then make the payment through a touch-tone phone or the PPS website. You can call 18011 for bill registration and 18031 for bill payment, alternatively visit the website at The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hong Kong Credit Card Centre merchant code is 9232.

Payment cut-off time is 7:00pm from Monday to Friday (except Sunday and public holidays). Please settle the payment at least 1 clearing day before "Payment Due Date".

JET Payment

You may make payment from your bank account held at any JETCO member bank through ATMs with "JET PAYMENT" signage or JETCO website Payment cut-off time is 7:30pm from Monday to Friday (except Sunday and public holidays).

Please settle the payment at least 1 clearing day before "Payment Due Date".


Just complete and return the "Autopay Form" by mail, and your credit card payment can be settled simply through your designated savings or current account held at any bank in Hong Kong. Your designated account will be debited for the pre-set repayment amount in 1 clearing day before "Payment Due Date". Please prepare sufficient funds 2 clearing days before the "Payment Due Date".

Payment by Cash, Cheque or Fund Transfer

You may arrange payment by cash, by cheque or transfer funds from your ICBC (Asia) account at any branch of ICBC (Asia). You may also send in a crossed cheque payable to "ICBC (Asia) Credit Card Centre" with your credit card number written on the back, and enclose with the payment slip from your statement to P.O. Box 27, General Post Office, Hong Kong.

To allow sufficient time for processing, please send in your cheque payment at least 3 clearing days before "Payment Due Date". Cash and post-dated cheques are not accepted.

Payment from ICBC (Asia) Account

You can also settle payment from ICBC (Asia) account at any JETCO ATMs, through ICBC (Asia) Phone Banking Services or Internet Banking Services.

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